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Estate Management


We offer both active management for game reserves, as well as one-off management of problems that may arise in any one property: buying and selling, scrub clearing, construction of ponds and enclosures, and all types of improvements geared towards hunting, all over Spain.

Moreover, we provide the ideal diet for each type of species, adequately distributing food and water troughs adapted to the topography and to each species specifically, to ensure re-population of any species whenever the owner may need to do so.

Everything is carried out in collaboration with the best suppliers and the expertise of qualified personnel, so we may offer very exclusive deals.

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Hunting Management


Huntser assesses the possibilities of an estate in function of its location, its installations and especially the quantity and quality of the species, both for big game as well as small game hunting.

Subsequently, we make a proposal on how the estate could be used for commercial hunting purposes, and we provide an in-depth study of the elements that could be employed and which services and conditions could be provided.

As well as managing hunting expeditions, Huntser commits to ensuring the estate is well managed, to bring serious hunters who will always be accompanied by proper and qualified personnel, to exercise pest control, to improve eating and drinking troughs, to only take down selected trophies and let young animals with the potential to become great trophies in the future grow.


Live Sale

We capture roe deer, wild boar, deer, mouflon and fallow deer in reserves and private estates, and offer the possibility of buying young animals or trophies of any species.

All of this always supervised by a veterinary and with all the appropriate certificates of quality, origin and genetics.

Shrub Clearing

We work with the best machinery available in the market and with experienced and professional personnel. Customized estimates with no obligation upon request. We work with clear results in mind, and most Communities provide subsidies.


A Better Use Of Space


Cleaning and maintenance of hunting estates and livestock farms.


Scrub clearing to guarantee greater visibility of animals crossing near drive sites, and which is also useful to create pruning areas.


Creation of pruning areas.


Woodland thinning: scrub clearing is carried out with crawler which incorporates a hammer shredder; this type of trimmer eliminates scrub and even small trees without prior cutting. If scrub is eliminated from areas where the soil is good, there is always the possibility that in later years new pasture ground sprouts for the animals.


These services are billed by hectare, (depending on the characteristics of the topography), which guarantees we can provide a real and exact estimate based on the number of hectares which you wish to clear up in the estate.

Hunting Estates Trading


One of Huntser’s leading activities is the sale of estates on a national and international level.

We offer the best hunting reserves exclusively, in different sizes and characteristics, and for all types of budgets.

If you wish to purchase an exclusive property, do not hesitate to contact us.

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