Huntser Huntser was established in 2004, founded and directed by Juan José Franco Suelves and associates. At first, from 2004 to 2008, it managed a group of reserves that totaled more than 12,000 hectares dedicated to the different modalities of red-legged partridge hunting: beating (ojeo), hunting in squads and decoy hunting; as well as managing along with different owners several big game renowned estates, both for stalking as well as for monterías.
Juan Jose Franco Suelves

Juan Jose Franco Suelves

Managing Director

In 2008 Juan José began his journey with Huntser in collaboration with a selection of the best reserves, managed exclusively, for each one of the species and modalities that we offer. His work in partridge hunting, roe deer and Iberian ibex stalking has always stood out. Year after year, his client portfolio has grown thanks to his optimum results and the transparency which characterizes them.

This is why Huntser has had a growing demand for other services and we have been forced to broaden our range of offers in order to cover our client’s needs. We hunt all approvable species in Spain. Chamois, bears, wild boars and wolves in Romania. Ducks, doves, geese, red deer, wild boar, blackbuck and puma in Argentina, and the Big 5 in Africa, as well as offer our services of integral estate management. Everything we offer is either in our own reserves or in those we manage exclusively, and this is how we are able to provide the best destinations with the best conditions and the most guarantees; we also always provide personalized guides so that our clients always feel escorted and supported by professionals.

“Our goal as a company is that the client’s dreams and expectations are always met”

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